Monday, July 4, 2011

My biggest fear...

What's the biggest fear that I have?

Is it being attacked by a million cockroaches? Or is it death?

Do I fear that I would run out of money someday? Or is it losing my job?

Is not getting what i want my worst nightmare? Or would I rule that out as not an important thing on my list?

A lot of thought-process has lead me into a conclusion that the fear of being left alone in this selfish world is the most freaking thing! Yes! That's my worst nightmare! That's probably anyone's worst fear!

What would I do without all of those people who matter to me? Without my family, my friends, and most of all, without HIM?

We all run after fame, recognition & money but overlook simple things. The bigger things in life give us happiness but only our loved ones give us satisfaction! Peace of mind is what we all need. I find that through the unconditional love & support of my loved ones. That's the only thing I want & nothing else!

This post is dedicated to my loved ones who had been with me in my best & worst times in the most selfless way! Love you all!!! Ummaah!


  1. gone through half content till i studied it is nice after i complete again i will comment it ;)

  2. Nice posts...First time on your blog...I love the blog title:)

  3. @Shyam: :P

    @Harinath: U stil dint complete it? :P

    Thanks for visiting my blog Saru :) BTW I loved your writing... :)

  4. yeah even I have the same fear...

    Nice blog Namrata...<3

  5. I guess a lot of us have the same fear Vertu...

    Thankuuuu!!!!!! <3


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