Saturday, January 19, 2013

The Perfect Relationship

Two hearts united
forever in love strengthened
by trust deepened
over time unaffected
by the world

Two bodies ignited
in passion numbed
by sweat provoked
by an ardor desire lusted
in sinful appetite

Two souls wedded
in marital bliss bound
by customary rituals looking
for a happy life together

Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Let's stand up for her......

It's 2013. A new year filled with new hopes, new aspirations, new goals and of course resolutions which we tend to break at the drop of a hat. However, this year is different.

The brutal gang rape and murder of the innocent 23 year old girl in Delhi reflects our society's actual state. Sexual assault on women at workplace, schools, private vehicles, public transports, roads and almost all possible places shows the carelessness of not just our Government but of us as well. Most of the time a woman has to deal with eve-teasers all by herself as we merely spectate the whole scenario without uttering a word in her support.

What do we, as the responsible members of this society, do when we watch a woman being sexually harassed in a public transport? Do we stand up for her or leave her on her own as if we do not care? What if back home our sister or mother or wife or daughter narrate a painfully helpless situation to us about the kind of humiliation and assault they were subjected to by their co-worker or a roadside romeo? How would we feel if we happen to know that absolutely no one raised their voice against this shameful act? I don't see a reason for us to feel bad as we din't raise our voice either when someone else's sister/mother/wife/daughter was being eve-teased.

I happen to recall an incident which happened a few months ago wherein some bastard on a bicycle hit my Mom hard on her bum as he rode away. My Mom shouted at the top of her voice running behind him and asking people to catch hold of him. No one did anything and that jerk, despite being on a bicycle, escaped. Such is our society. And so are we. We love being spectators.

Instead of taking resolutions like quitting smoking or drinking or any such resolution which we know we will never follow, let's take an oath to raise our voice against any offense that we witness. Let's promise to safeguard a woman's self respect by being by her side even if she's a stranger. Let's resolute to stand up for a woman in need and object any kind of obscene behavior and lewd comments passed at her.

Let's not let some insane sadists take away a woman's innocence and self respect and leave her only to be humiliated by the society till she lives.

Is this hard to do?

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