Friday, July 1, 2011

First Impression is supposedly the Best Impression! Really?

We meet so many people daily. We like few people in the first meeting & few people... hmmm... we never like them. They say that first impression is the best impression but is that so always?

Sometimes it so happens that we might have a certain impression (here negative) about a person which eventually turns out to be wrong with time. But do we actually give that time to someone is a question we need to ask ourselves.

Most of the time we judge someone by the kind of people they talk to or the kind of clothes they wear. If we dislike someone, then we also dislike the person whose in close company with him/her. We all claim that we like criticism. But deep down no one likes it. We hate being judged but we get immense pleasure in judging people.

Who are we to judge someone? Everyone has got the right to be the way they want to be. The clothes or company do not define a person. It's the character & the attitude towards life which defines what we are. We should give little time to know a person's character before forming our opinion on someone. We should bear in mind that someone else might have formed an opinion about us knowing nothing at all!


  1. Nice .......who is dis someone u r referring to ????

  2. No one Naveen... It's a general reference... :)

  3. Namu be specific else people think something else :) :) :)

  4. It is the human tendency to judge others even without knowing them and believe that we judge people fairly.
    We have to be honest with ourselves about how we discriminate and make a conscious effort to correct this bad behavior.

  5. Nice Namu..........What you have returned each and every single word is right how we judge people.Superb Namu............ :):)


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