Saturday, May 29, 2010

The most weird thing in this world - Love!

Love is the most weird thing in this world. It seems so beautiful when it is new, but eventually turns out to be a pain. Despite knowing this, we still fall in love. Its hard to decide if love is insane or we are.

When we love someone blindly, we tend to overlook the reality & believe only in fantasies. The first look, the first touch, the first kiss, the first rain all seems so beautiful! We just can't get enough of the person! And then gradually we start feeling that we own the person completely. We want to know where our guy/gal is, what is he/she doing, why din't he/she call yet? Thats when we start interfering into our love's personal space. Your love gives it back to you by doing the same thing. Then you eventually realize that you actually take each other for granted. In between these stupid things we do not realize that love is not about interfering into each others lives. Its about giving each other the much needed space. When you claim that you trust your guy/gal, stick to it by letting the person be just as he/she is.

Love isn't about being with the person all the time, but feeling the person's presence even though he/she isn't in front of you. It isn't about changing the person's character but living with it come what may. It isn't about interfering into each other's lives, but giving each other enough space. Is that hard to do?
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