Saturday, October 13, 2012

Life Goes On

My Dad left us midway without giving a prior warning 3 months ago in a road mishap. Aged 55 then, no one could actually guess his age right. Lot of people thought he was in his early 40s owing it to his high energy and youthful looks.

He had his own way of living life. He lived for the moment. He would tell us that tomorrow is uncertain and throughout his journey with us, I saw him following this principle. He believed that Life Goes On no matter what. Whether you had money or not.

He had a lot of friends. While passing by from our street in just about a kilometer radius, he would wave at 10 different people. He used to stop atleast 3-4 times to talk to someone or the other. I felt he knew almost everyone. I used to get so bugged when he did that and would plead to him not to stop anywhere. I feel now I was so wrong. All those people came to offer their last goodbye to him at his funeral. They were all there, feeling equally bad for our loss.

He loved kids. All the kids of our society loved him too. He would call them 'dost' and raised his thumb to them everyday as a sign of friendship. He would become a kid with them and shower his love upon them. How much I wish he showered his love on my kids too. How they would call him 'Nana' and go around sitting on his shoulders just like I did as a child.

Three months passed just like that and with each passing day, I feel he's become even more close to my heart. He isn't there physically. I long to hug him tight and cry but I don't feel his arms. I long to fight with him for no real reason, pick up a debate with him on a silly topic, laugh with him watching Dusty's naughty acts and above all sit with him in deep silence not uttering a word. How I wish he fulfilled my kanyadaan rituals and wished me love for my new life.

There were a lot of things maybe he wanted to tell us but he couldn't because death took him away even before he saw us. I know that I would still live my life and in a matter of few months, everything will get back to normal like nothing happened at all. In a few years, his memories would fade away making way for new ones.

Like it's rightly said, Life Goes On....


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