Sunday, April 22, 2012

I am Me

I like my clothes at their shabbiest best
I like my hair left loose to the air
I like my life in a certain way
I can deal with you being the way you like and expect the same for me
I am ME

I am moody
I do not pay attention to half of the things you say
I take you for granted sometimes
I forget to keep in touch sometimes
But still I am ME

I am warm, loving and caring
I can breakdown for the simplest things and be strong in the toughest times
I cry when I see tears in your eyes
I say sorry for the silliest reasons
I am Me

I may look grown up but I am a child at heart.
I may be silent sometimes that's because my thoughts are somewhere else
My heart is a deep ocean of secrets where you will drown
I am Me

I am not the best girl you'll ever meet
I lose it when you compare me to the perfect girl
I am not perfect in most of the things I do
I am perfect in my own special way
I am Me

I love
I laugh
I cry
I frown
I see
I feel
I live
I am Me

Thursday, April 12, 2012

A Letter to the Telecom Operators

Dear Telecom Operators,

We know that you guys are letting us stay connected with all our friends through your awesome network and great connectivity and trust me it's not a favor. We are charged a good amount to money for this each month which we pay without much ado. Other than letting us talk to our friends, you offer us a number of Value Added Services (VAS) like Hello Tunes (Or Dialer Tones or whatever), which are also not for Free. You charge a good Rs. 30 as a monthly Rental and Rs. 15 for every song we change even though I am sure it doesn't cost you so much. So when I give a call to my friend, I am curious to know what song has he on as his Hello Tune but this is what I listen to:

Press star and 9 to copy this song. Charges Rs. 15 for song selection and Rs. 30 per month for Hello Tune.. Hello...

So, even before this irritating message is completed and I get to hear the song, my friend answers the call. Can you please tell me why is he paying you Rs. 30 per month? Is it so that we hear your never ending advertisements? Trust me, the boring trin trin is better than that lady's voice! She's so annoying!

I tell my friend I want to hear the song begging him not to answer the call. I am forced to hear the annoying message again and then the lovely song. Well, thank you for that. I appreciate that you remember playing the song after your so-important advertisement.

Ah! I can't blame you completely, can I? You do give me a free hand. Incase I do not want my callers to hear any promo, I have to make a call to you and plead for the same. Now, what do you think dude? Would there be anyone who would, in the first place, want that promo to be played? Then why play it and then remove it on request?

Recently, I've noticed something else. I have a number of my friends who are Vodafone Network users. This is what I hear when I call them:

Switch to Vodafone now and enjoy all local calls at 1 paise for 2 seconds.  Trin Trin.....

How should I tell you that I am not interested in switching to Vodafone? Is there a specific key I could press to tell you I am not, so that I don't have to hear that message again? How should I convey the message that I am happy with my current network even though it does suck sometimes? Though I am being charged some extra bucks, I still do not want to switch? May be I should send you a recorded voice because that's the language you probably understand.

We already see a lot of your advertisements on TV and we love them too. Isn't that enough? Please stop this nonsense or else I... what can I do? Other than just blogging? Ah! Never mind.

P.S: I was so annoyed with these stupid ads that I had to write this post. Besides, there was no other topic I could think of.

P.P.S: I am sorry that I am unable to read/comment on your posts. I am somehow keeping busy these days but I miss reading your posts. I will do stop by your blog this week and will leave comments too :) 

Thursday, April 5, 2012

Time to Change - Let's Control Traffic!

If there's one thing which irks all of us around then that certainly is traffic! But what do we do to get that down?


We are the ones who complaint about the the roads being so busy. We crib about the ever-increasing traffic but do we ever leave our vehicles at home?


There could be a shop which is just half a kilometer away but we still go on our vehicle instead of walking. It takes ages for us to reach a certain place which would otherwise take half the time thanks to constant jams. The peak times are morning between 9:00 to 10:00 and evenings from 6:30 to 8:00. Sometimes, we are halted at a place for long that we could actually take a short nap!

So, what could we actually do?

If I could change something around me, then that would be how the traffic is generally handled. My hero had actually mentioned this to me once and I really liked the idea. The idea is as follows:

  • There should be a rule by the Government according to which all citizens should opt for a public transport at-least twice in a week so that less vehicles are seen on roads. This would help us in minimizing the jams to a certain level.

  • There shouldn't be more than 2 vehicles in a house which has around 5 people. Now, why would you need separate bike/car for every person living in the same house?
  • A random day can be declared as No Red Car day (or some other color for that matter). So, every citizen owning a red car should leave his car at home (exceptions for any emergencies). 
  • Office hours should have a gap of atleast an hour. Like some companies should start functioning at 8 AM, some at 9 AM and so. This would lead to people leaving at different times, so minimum traffic. ;)

A little change in our everyday life will leave a great impact on our environment. Also, walking for short distances like when you go Grocery shopping could actually give you a good health too. ;)

On a lighter note, sales people should be called by companies only when they would buy the product/service. All negotiations should be done over the phone so that the roads are not that busy during the day. You know there's no point in going to a client who would eventually not buy anything :P So, the customers around should call the sales reps only when they are actually buying and not for the heck of it. ;)

It's time to think!

It's time to change!

Written for Indiblogger contest , Time to Change, an initiative by Stayfree who believe, a little chance can make a big difference!

P.S: I've a soft corner for Sales people since I am a Sales Professional too! ;)
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