Friday, August 26, 2011

The most beautiful gift!

He realized he's in love with me on August 22, 2010. To celebrate a year of being in love, he gave me the very gift that I always wanted!

The gift which he bought for me is cream colored, has soft fur, black nose and tiny eyes! She's a month old lab! :)

When I took her in my arms, my happiness knew no bounds! She licked me wherever she could and also peed on me! Naughty girl!!! All that she does the whole day is eat, shit and sleep!

I wanted to name her Ginger but on public demand named her Dusty instead. Well, that's a sweet name too I feel. You will be hearing a lot about her as she's right now the centre of my life.

She came home of August 22, 2011 and is totally feeling at home. Her favorite place to hide is behind the TV where no one can see her. Sometimes she doesn't come out unless you bribing her with food. The moment we take her for a walk in the colony, she attends the nature's call without any delay. She's not yet choosy about food as she eats anything that we feed her. She somehow doesn't drink water much but still manages to pee multiple times a day (I don't know how?). We have one stuffed cat and one stuffed dog at home. Those are her favorite toys! She licks, bites and fights them but those lifeless animal silently bear her harassment! :P I see that she totally enjoys every bit of it.

How does it feel to have a partner whose so much into you, making sure all your wishes come true? Great, isn't it? :)

Monday, August 22, 2011

From being "Single" to "in a relationship"

When I updated my FB status as committed, it said "Namrata went from being single to in a relationship". It seemed like just a statement at that moment but now it seems so true. That statement makes sense to me NOW as it indicates a transformation from being a careless girl to a woman whose got to be responsible.

I had always been an independent, reckless and a carefree girl who'd never thought that life is something which should be taken seriously. I had never considered anyone before taking any decision though I had taken suggestions from friends. But now, since there's someone whose concerned about my whereabouts, I feel important, loved, cared and above all answerable! ;)

Being in a relationship brings with it a lot of changes. Good and bad. When I say bad, it demands few changes which I dislike and I am not keen on but which are needed. When I say good, it means I feel special and taken care of and also responsible. I feel as if all my problems which I thought are too big for me to handle are actually so tiny to even be considered. When I see all my problems being solved by just talking to him I can't help but feel so great for him being so matured.

This change is something that even he's experiencing. From being on his own to dealing with my CID questions, must be a tough ride for him :P

The transformation from being single to now being committed has been a journey (and will continue). Whether being single or committed, it's happiness we all crave for. Some achieve it through singleton (atleast they claim so) and some from being loved. For me, it's the latter! :)

Photograph Courtesy: My phone's camera ;)

Tuesday, August 2, 2011


Tears welled in my eyes as I looked into his. There was sheer silence. I knew that I had screwed up this time. I knew things will never be the same again between us. In a fraction of second, I felt my whole world crashing as I saw him leave. "He wasn't gonna come back", I thought. He did not turn to check if I am fine. "Why would he?".

I froze at my place as he disappeared from my sight. I couldn't come out of the shock that he is gone. I felt as if someone had pierced my heart with a sharp object and left a permanent hole in it. The hole seemed to deepen with every passing second. I walked for a good long distance lost in thoughts of my own. Every moment we'd spent together was still clear in my head. Out first meet, our first date, our first kiss...

Our first meeting was a very brief one. It wasn't love at first sight for him neither for me. Infact I din't remember even seeing him but he did. He'd come for an interview at the company I was working for. I was attending a phone call while he was sitting in the sofa, waiting for his turn and trying to pass time by looking around. It was a direct scene from a Hindi movie. I had my hair open (like always) so I tucked my hair behind my ear to prevent it from falling on my face turning to his side. We had an eye contact (which I could never recall) which lasted just for few seconds. That was our first meeting. And then as the days went by, we became friends and much more after a while.

But today it was different. I was alone. I was walking the streets all alone seeing him in my head but my moist eyes weren't letting a clear view of him. I hated that. I went home and sat in my room watching a slideshow of his pictures on my laptop, listening to "What hurts the most" by Rascal Flatts, playing it again and again. My Mom knocked my room but I din't wanted anyone to disturb my sad moment so I din't wanted to open the door. I heard someone banging the door again and knew it was my Mom again. But, I was wrong. It was him!

I opened the door and let him in. He looked miserable and in a deeper agony than I was. His eyes were red and he din't smile. We stared at each other without speaking losing track of time. The only sound that I heard was that of our breathing. He finally came close to me, took my hands in his and said just three words which were enough to break all silence between us. He said, "I need you". That's it! I lost control! I hugged him and cried like a small baby letting all of those mis-understandings flow through my tears! :)

Photo Source "click here"

(The above post is a work of fiction. Just parts of it is inspired from my life.)
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