Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Changes post Dusty's home coming :)

Dusty came home on August 22, 2011 and she was barely a month old. She's about 5 months old now (her birthday is July 20) and let me tell you she's full of life! Watching her grow is one the best things right now in my life. She's tenacious, hyper-active and truly a bitch! ;)

The other day I was trying to list the benefits of having her at home. So, that's when I thought about writing this post!

Here's a list of things which we hardly need at home now thanks to Dusty!

Body Lotion: With winters here, a body lotion is a basic need to keep dry skin at bay. Not for us! The moment we step out of the bathroom after a shower, Dusty comes running and licks our feet and hands! Our Ration Guy is curious to know why we ain't including a body lotion in the grocery list. He doesn't know that we have a better body lotion with us! ;)

Mop Stick/Broom: We don't broom or mop the house from the time Dusty came home as it's barely needed. Anything that falls on the floor can be found in Dusty's mouth. Right from spilled tea to even money (she ate a 20 rupee note too!), she doesn't leave anything!

Alarm: I feel Dusty licking my face at sharp 6:00 AM in the morning. I try covering myself with my blanket but she bites my face through it! If I try to move away, she gets on the bed and jumps on me! I no longer put an alarm as Dusty works better than that!

Stuffed Toys: I've got quite a decent collection of Stuffed toys and I love cuddling with them. But now with Dusty around, my stuffed toys lay at a corner and I hardly look at them (except the one My Hero gifted me on my birthday). Dusty's softer than a cotton ball and cuddling with her feels so good! :)

There are few things which no longer belong to us!

Sleep: There's no room for sleep anymore in our lives as Dusty wakes up as early as 3:30 and starts barking till we take her for a walk!

Bed:  She's quite grown up now and gets on the bed without much ado. She occupies half of the bed like a queen. :) At around 5:00 A.M. daily in the morning, she jumps on my bed and pushes me away and sleeps there as if the bed belongs to her! My bed is no longer mine! :(

Dusty on my bed!

And the last one:

Tensions: When Dusty gazes at me innocently, tensions take a back seat. Once I got Pizza home, everyone at home had a slice of it (except Dusty). My Dad was busy playing some game on the laptop so he kept his slice on the table and thought he will eat it in a while. The next minute the pizza was gone! When we looked around, we found Dusty enjoying the Pizza under the bed! We bursted out laughing and she din't care! Such mischievous acts of hers makes me forget everything else and gets a smile on my face. :)

Eating a stolen banana :)

Collage :)

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