Tuesday, February 14, 2012

A day worth remembering....

It's that day of the year again when men desperately try wooing their women and women wait for surprises from their partners. So howz it for me?

The last year's Valentine's Day was my first Valentine with my hero. He was out of town (Kerala) on urgent work and was expected to return only on February 16. I was feeling quite low and was certainly not happy as I expected a big surprise from him knowing his romantic side. But when I discussed with him my idea of Valentine's Day, I learnt how he dislikes the idea of celebrating love for just one day! I obviously was upset with his version as somehow I always loved Valentine's Day (okay, I know this is girlish and absurd but I can't help it ;)).

When I came to work on February 14, I received a cute customized e-card from him on my email with all our pictures beautifully arranged. Though I loved the card, I thought this is the least I could expect from an anti-Valentine's Day person. The previous day he told me that he's going to some hilly area in some part of Kerala on February 14th to trek and he's phone would be out of reach (how much I hated this).  So, I gave up the idea of receiving any romantic surprises from him and decided to be by myself on V-Day.

My colleagues cum friends were all excitedly telling me about their plans for the evening and I was wondering what I could possibly do. I saw his name flash on my mobile at around 11:30. I picked up the phone expecting nothing at all, speaking general things.

My Hero: What are you upto?
Me: Nothing. Just at work.
My Hero: Not going anywhere? I know I am not there but you could always go out with Deepa or anyone else right?
Me: Yeah rite! Ah. Yeah but I guess I will go home. Everyone have got plans of their own (trying to sound as upset as I can).
My Hero: Oh. By the way, what would you do if I come in front of you right now?
Me: Err. What?
My Hero: Look back. (I was in speaking to him from my office's entrance).
Me: What? Oh my God!!!! You here!!!!!

I jumped with joy when I saw him in front of me smiling! I rushed to him and gave him a tight hug (as tight as I could ;)).

Me: Weren't you in Kerala? How did you come? And so suddenly? You din't tell me!
My Hero: How would that be a surprise then? I came via plane to take my sweet heart out on the day which means a lot to her. I finished my work way in advance to be with you today. It doesn't matter if I like this day or not. You love it so do I. :)

I was moved by this gesture of his. I'd never thought he would come just because I like the idea of celebrating Valentine's Day.

What did I do next? Ofcourse I took an off immediately and went out with my love. We had pizza at Pizza Hut (I love pizzas), caught some English movie and then headed to our then favourite Cafe Coffee Day. :)

No matter how special he makes my each Valentine, the one day I would cherish and remember forever would be the last year's one. :)

P.S: Happy Valentine's Day people! ;)

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