Saturday, July 21, 2012

Miss You Daddy


You left us helpless and lonely in this selfish world without any warning. I had never ever imagined God would take you away from us so mercilessly. I had imagined you bidding me goodbye with teary eyes on my wedding night and later playing with my kids. I had never ever thought you would force me to bid you adieu forever.

How do you expect me to forget that fateful day ever in my life? When you were taken away from me forever for no mistake of yours. When you were taken away from me due to someone else's carelessness? How do I forgive that careless driver who took your life away? How will I ever be able to get over you and move on Daddy?

When I suffer with a headache, you were always ready with a disprin. Now my heart's heavy and it aches Dad. What medicine will you give me that will ease this pain? Will disprin work just like how it worked on my headache?

When you get Chicken home on a weekday, I would ask you why did you get Chicken today, lets eat on Sunday. You would answer, 'Agar main subah nahin utha toh. Aaj khaana ho toh aaj hi khaana chahiye. Kya pata main subah naa rahoon.' I laughed it off whenever you said that Daddy. But today I feel you were so right. You were fit and fine when you left home in the morning and never came back.

I took you for granted when you were alive. How I would fight with you when you would keep all the fans switched on for no reason. How I would scream at you when you fought with Mom for some vague reason. Whom should I scream at now? Who would deal with my tantrums now?

One thing that your demise had taught me Daddy is that life is uncertain and death is inevitable. Thinking what will happen tomorrow ruins our present and worrying about a problem takes away the moment's joy. You never know how and when death would come and take us away forever from our loved ones. Your death has taught me to cherish the current moment, love unconditionally and express it when the time is in your hands, and most importantly value people when they are alive because how much ever you want to value them later, they ain't alive to see it and feel happy about it.

P.S: Wish I could tell you Daddy how much I miss you.


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