Tuesday, July 2, 2013

From Ms. Mahalingam to Mrs. Reddy

I am married!
To the man who has shown me what it is to feel "loved".
To the man who has made me fall in love with myself again.
To the man who has shown me I am worth a lot more than what I'd thought.
To the man who believes in me more than I do.
To the man who became a friend when I wanted one, lover when I felt unwanted, critic when I needed a reality check and now who is my husband promising to never leave my side till his last breath.
To the man who never gave up on me and kept trying.
To the man who loves me for what I am. .
To the man I can daringly be my worst with.
To the man who knows me more than anyone else does.

To the man who laughs with me at my stupid jokes, grabs my hand when I cross the road, holds me in his arms when I feel cold, dances with me to a song only we both know, and above all loves me without conditions, truly, madly, deeply like the Savage Garden song! ;)

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