Sunday, April 22, 2012

I am Me

I like my clothes at their shabbiest best
I like my hair left loose to the air
I like my life in a certain way
I can deal with you being the way you like and expect the same for me
I am ME

I am moody
I do not pay attention to half of the things you say
I take you for granted sometimes
I forget to keep in touch sometimes
But still I am ME

I am warm, loving and caring
I can breakdown for the simplest things and be strong in the toughest times
I cry when I see tears in your eyes
I say sorry for the silliest reasons
I am Me

I may look grown up but I am a child at heart.
I may be silent sometimes that's because my thoughts are somewhere else
My heart is a deep ocean of secrets where you will drown
I am Me

I am not the best girl you'll ever meet
I lose it when you compare me to the perfect girl
I am not perfect in most of the things I do
I am perfect in my own special way
I am Me

I love
I laugh
I cry
I frown
I see
I feel
I live
I am Me


  1. and that makes all the difference
    and a different you
    a beautiful you

  2. If you can be yourself at the most demanding times in life, and still win over it, you'll be one of the most successful persons.
    I try to be one. But many a times, i yield and adapt to the surrounding to ease up my path.

    1. Sometimes you are forced to adapt to the surrounding. You really can't help.

  3. Actually good think Friend,Namrata.

  4. I have a surprise for you. Check out my Blog

    1. Thanks Sourabh :)

      Thank You for the award too :) I am honored :)

  5. It's best when we are what we are, without pretensions. Such a meaningful poem...:)


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