Monday, August 22, 2011

From being "Single" to "in a relationship"

When I updated my FB status as committed, it said "Namrata went from being single to in a relationship". It seemed like just a statement at that moment but now it seems so true. That statement makes sense to me NOW as it indicates a transformation from being a careless girl to a woman whose got to be responsible.

I had always been an independent, reckless and a carefree girl who'd never thought that life is something which should be taken seriously. I had never considered anyone before taking any decision though I had taken suggestions from friends. But now, since there's someone whose concerned about my whereabouts, I feel important, loved, cared and above all answerable! ;)

Being in a relationship brings with it a lot of changes. Good and bad. When I say bad, it demands few changes which I dislike and I am not keen on but which are needed. When I say good, it means I feel special and taken care of and also responsible. I feel as if all my problems which I thought are too big for me to handle are actually so tiny to even be considered. When I see all my problems being solved by just talking to him I can't help but feel so great for him being so matured.

This change is something that even he's experiencing. From being on his own to dealing with my CID questions, must be a tough ride for him :P

The transformation from being single to now being committed has been a journey (and will continue). Whether being single or committed, it's happiness we all crave for. Some achieve it through singleton (atleast they claim so) and some from being loved. For me, it's the latter! :)

Photograph Courtesy: My phone's camera ;)


  1. Hey Nam's Nice Post :)

    Even i feel like enjoying it....but its u who promised to start the hunt :)

    Hope you still remember it and keep up your word


  2. Thanks Bhanu! :)

    The hunt is on dear. It's jst dat u r too good for any gal! ;)

  3. Congrats Namrata :-)
    Hope you both make some awesome memories together!

  4. Thanks Anne :) We luk forward to a lot of memories :)

  5. Nice. It feels great being in a relationship. We were in this status for 3 long years before we got tied. :)
    We understand them better, we are better equipped for the coming life.
    Good things ahead dearie. All the best. Be happy and dont forget to keep him happy! :)

  6. Congrats Girl.. Wish you good luck with your new life..

    Reckless girl to responsible woman- but I am sure those responsibilities are fun and enjoyable too..:)

  7. @Sahana: That's so nice to hear :)

    Looking forward for a lot of good times :) Keeping him happy is the priority :)

  8. @Nishana: Thanks swts! :)

    Yes. It is indeed fun :)

  9. Hello Namrata, Nice blog you have here, thanks for dropping by my blog, hope to interact more with you in future....and congratulations on your status change :-)

    I like to follow female bloggers, so I'm gonna be following your blog as well...

  10. Thanks Hemant :) I am glad you dropped in :)

    @Anjali: Awwww..... Thanks a ton swts! :) I am glad you liked my blog :) I am gonna follow your blog too! :)

  11. awww...many congrtulations :) the life should only get better from here on :)

  12. Hey Namrata,

    You've been tagged here

    Hope you like it!

  13. Congratulations Namratha :)
    Here's wishing you have more of such Wonderful Times :)

  14. Thanks for tagging me Anne :)

    @Ashwini: Thanks swts! :)

  15. Congratulations! :)
    I know it's too late for me to comment.. :P
    I just realized that you're a Teluguite after reading the comment ''shyam em comment chesavu ra?'' haha! M a Teluguite too! :)
    check out my blog..
    Srilatha xx


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