Wednesday, March 6, 2013

A Tale of Inhumanity

Silently, I witness hundreds of passerby's daily, some using me as a temporary home to rest, some as a place to booze and some as a brothel. Being an abandoned old cottage for so long, I enjoy watching people using me as a number of things not knowing that I hear every word they utter and I watch everything they do.

This night wasn't normal though. She seemed to be barely 14 or 15. Her hands were tied behind and her legs were tied too with a rope which left bruises on her fragile skin. Her eyes were swollen. She was fully clothed but only for sometime. I had seen these 5 men before. They had come on a number of occasions with a bottle of alcohol cleaning me temporarily and boozing whole night.

She screamed as hard as she could and cried for help. No one came to her rescue. The big hefty man slapped her hard several times and she passed out. They did not showcase a hint of humanity. They tore her clothes mercilessly and took turns forcing themselves on her. She could hardly do anything to save herself. I could feel her agony and my heart went out for her. Her bare body was bruised and I witnessed red marks all over. I blinked my eyes several times thinking it's a nightmare but it wasn't. The men's laughter pierced through my ears and I wanted to crush their bones for hurting an innocent girl but I could barely move. I never felt as helpless as this before.

One of the men untied her legs and held the rope in his hands staring at her and smiling a crooked smile. The big hefty man instructed him to strangle her. She begged them not to kill her but her plea fell on deaf ears. She was strangled to death. The five men left the place leaving the lifeless naked body on it's own not turning back.

I had never witnessed such a brutal act before and cursed for not been able to help that poor little kid. Her body began decomposing and was noticed by a villager after few days. Taken aback by this inhuman act, he called the police from his mobile and narrated what he saw. The police came in a few minutes and examined her body. She was covered, photographed and then taken in a stretcher to the ambulance parked outside. Police questioned the villager asking him if he knew anything. I shouted at the top of my voice that I could help them find the culprits but my voice was unheard. I was after-all a cottage. An old, abandoned cottage.

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