Thursday, December 20, 2012

Delhi - A Woman's Nightmare

More than 500 rapes (reported) in our so-called capital city in 2012. Where is our country heading to? Sexual assault, domestic violence, eve teasing, torture, what else should we women go through? What do these assholes have in their minds when they put women through such gruesome torture? If going out in the night after 8:00 PM means I am not coming back in one piece, then I do not want to go out at all! If despite such gruesome act the criminals are acquitted, then why is there even a law in our country? If that innocent girl would not have boarded that bus, some other girl might have. It could have been anyone. Someone as young as 16 or as old as 30. It could have been anyone. That very thought scares the hell out of me.

What possibly could be a rapist's state of mind? Do they enjoy it? Do they like it when a woman begs for mercy? Do they feel it's their birth right to sexually assault any woman they want? Where do they get such courage from? We all know the answer. It lies in our weak law and order. The endless court trials which eventually bury the truth and silence the victim. The doubt on a woman's character when she screams out loud that she was raped. The questions and humiliation she is subjected to by the police as if they doubt her statements.  The poor male-female sex ratio. When a woman is raped, there is every possibility that she won't be accepted in the society with the same dignity she held earlier. Why is that not the case with the rapists? Why ain't they looked down upon?

Will the rapists get away without being punished like always? If they are indeed punished, will it be just jail for a few years? Is 7 years of jail the enough for a crime as grave as rape?

If a woman is this unsafe in our country's capital, then I dare not ever put my foot there. I always knew Delhi is unsafe for women but I never heard of such a gruesome incident before. High in crime rate especially against women, why doesn't the police ensure maximum security is provided? Crimes happen in Delhi even in broad daylight and go unnoticed. Lewd comments are passed on the fairer sex in public transports like buses and people keep quiet. It's said that "Dilli dilwalon ka shehar hai". Sahi mein?

Delhi indeed is India's Rape Capital in true sense!
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