Tuesday, April 26, 2011

I think of you!

When I open my eyes in the morning & look at the bright day smiling at me, I think of you!
When I suddenly hear a romantic song being played somewhere, I think of you!
When my thoughts take me to my past & I remember all the pain I'd been through, I think of you!
When I do something substantial & feel content with myself, I think of you!
When I am confused as to which way I should be going, I think of you!
When I pass by the places where we hang out together, I think of you!
When nothing in my life seems to be going right, I think of you!
When everything in my life goes perfectly well as planned, I think of you!
Sometimes, even when I am surrounded with a lot of people, I think of you!

You are the first thing on my mind when I get up & the last thing when I go to bed!

Above all, I think of you the most when I lay alone at night & think of all the beautiful memories we'd together!

In simple words, you run in my mind like blood runs in my body!

P.S: I love thinking about you since it keeps me close to you!:)


  1. Superb Nammu! This post shows your love on your beloved one ;)you are missing (.) :)

  2. Superb... naam bhi likh diya hota..warna log confuse ho sakte hain :P hehe..kidding love..

  3. Very well written thoughts are wonderfully expressed in words ......Master piece i mus say ...gr8 wrk Nams


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