Monday, April 25, 2011

Papers, Papers & Papers!!!!

When working in Ameerpet, everyday I used to leave the office at around 6.15 & walk my way till the Ameerpet bus stop with my friends to catch route number 10 bus to reach Patny. The Ameerpet road is always crowded as it has got a lot of institutes & offices. I must tell you that it is the most tacky road with papers littered carelessly every where. The reason for this mess are the institutes who believe in advertising though pamphlets. There are numerous pamphlets distributed to everyone passing by irrespective of whether they are interested or not. At the end of the day, we walk amidst a carpet of pamphlets! And the day it rains, you can't even put your foot as it is so dirty!

We all talk so much about Global Warming & deforestation but little do we realize the kind of mess we are surrounded with. We all should stop encouraging these pamphlets so that we pass a message to these institutes that we ain't interested in their so-called courses. I don't know when these people will realize that paper should be used if necessary but not just because it's readily available!

Let's do our part in safeguarding the environment by:

Printing emails only when necessary.
Switching off the monitors when we leave our desk.
Ensuring the lights are switched off when we leave our home.

P.S: It takes around 24 trees to produce 1 ton of office paper!


  1. hmmm! True... why can not this people use SMS services for promoting there brand;) ;)

  2. Such a nice post namru :)It's 100%True...

  3. very nice message Namratha!Its very true.

  4. Wonderful Post! I agree with you, usage of paper should be reduced to protect trees from being cut down on a large scale.


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