Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Five Sentence Fiction – Strength

"What's wrong my love?", she enquired gently placing her hand on his shoulder.

He looked up at her and broke into tears.

"We...  we lost everything, including this house", he said crying out louder.

She held him in her arms and said, "We did not lose everything, our love is still going strong and it will find us a way out of this."

He looked into her consoling eyes for that is all the strength he needed to get up and work again.

This five sentence fiction is written for the prompt "Strength" at Lillie McFerrin Writes


  1. Awesome take this one! Ah love is all the strength one needs! :)

  2. damn....I like this because the woman is strong here and the man is not. Nice change

  3. Really nice. Wondering if they can make an Insurance Ad out of it. :)

  4. Touching! One couldn't have done with a thousand lines what you did with just five. Kudos!

  5. Love is all we need, just the thought that there is someone there for you and that you are not alone and all is not lost as long as you have each other. Very beautiful.

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