Tuesday, January 21, 2014

A Long Separation!

I've been married for almost 8 months now and we did have our share of fights some real big and a lot over silly things. There were days when I would just tell my husband that I long to go to my Mum's place, pack my bag and just go to stay for a weekend. Yes, the separation would be painful for both of us but we could deal with it as it would only be for a day or 2.

So, now last week by hubby darling was gone for an official trip for a good 5 days (and 6 nights) to Bangalore. This was the first time we were away from each other for so long. 5 days seemed like 5 months. I stayed at my Mum's place when he was away. This separation from him made me realize how habituated I've become to his presence. I've never felt this way before even when he was in Bangkok for a good 3 months during our initial days of courtship. I sulked and so did he hoping the days would pass soon and we could be with each other. So, when he came back from his trip after 5 days, my hubby dearest told me how much he missed me, a thing which he shies away from saying generally.

You might now argue that it's silly and we feel this way only because it's our first year of marriage. Maybe when we have kids tomorrow, we might not miss each other so much. He shopped for me when he was in Bangalore and perhaps tomorrow he will shop for our kids. But however it might be tomorrow, I know now that my life without him will be as meaningless as Prabhu Deva's action flicks.


  1. Cheer up girl... Separation kindles the fire of love faster and makes it burn brighter and longer.


  2. sweeet! yes u get used to being around that person and that habit becomes love!!

    1. Yeah Red. Glad you came back to my blog :)

  3. Very honest post. Hope ur love fr each other only grows!

  4. I miss my hubby when he is away even now...n we are in the fourth year.. :)

    Nice post.
    Thanks for dropping by my blog.


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