Sunday, August 5, 2012

A wrong arrangement...

Dressed in a beautiful red lehanga, embellished with gold and diamond jewelry, the blushing bride sat on a bed decorated with flowers. She could hear the chatter batter and laughter of the teens & kids outside and Rajeev, her husband trying hard to keep them away from the room. He was finally successful and closed the door after he came in. Ananya's stomach twisted and her heart raced at almost double the speed when she felt Rajeev coming close to her. They had been engaged for around a month until they tied the knot in a grand affair. Rajeev had treated her well during their engagement days and she fell in love with her fiancee after a couple of meetings.

Rajeev sat on the bed beside her and held her hand. Ananya looked into Rajeev's eyes and her heart skipped a beat. She was tensed, restless and her stomach ached. She wan't sure how Rajeev would take the next step. 'Will I feel good if he touched me', she thought.

It was quite a day. I am tired. Let's go to sleep, Rajeev said interrupting her thoughts.

He said that and went straight to bed. She told herself that maybe he's just tired and everything would be fine the next day. She realized that she is tired too, changed and went to sleep.

Nothing changed even the next day. Not even the day after. Infact nothing changed ever.

Rajeev would come late in the night and go straight to bed. He seemed like a normal person when his parents were around but in their bedroom he was different. He showed least interest in her and never even looked at her. Ananya wasn't sure what to do and whom to talk to. Even Rajeev chucked their honeymoon plans saying that he can't take any further leaves.

She felt it was high time she broke the ice.

I have to talk to you Rajeev, Ananya said closing the door.

I've to head for a meeting. Can we talk later?

No. It's important. I can't wait to talk to you later. I need some answers and I need them now.

Rajeev knew what's coming. He understood he can't run away from Ananya any further. It's time to face her questions.

Wh....what's it Ananya?

I want to know why did you get married to me?

What kind of question is that, Rajeev said avoiding her eyes.

Well, that's absolutely a valid question considering how you treat me in our bedroom.

What do you mean by how I treat you? Did I ever do anything wrong with you?

That's precisely my point. You do nothing. You come, change and sleep. Forget about making love, you never even come close to me. Why did you marry me then?

Look, Ananya, I am really getting late. I need to go.

Answer me Rajeev! Now! Before I scream and you parents know what's happening or rather not happened between us.

Rajeev just stared at Ananya not uttering a word.

Do you love me Rajeev? Don't you find me attractive or beautiful? Don't I ever turn you on?

Ananya, you certainly are beautiful, competent, attractive and the perfect marriage material. But you ain't the girl I am in love with. Infact, it's not even a girl I am in love with.

The newly wedded bride gave her husband a puzzled look.

I like men Ananya. I am gay.

What? What did you just say?

Yes Ananya. I am gay. Women don't turn me on. It's men who get my hormones running. I tried telling this to my parents but could not gather the guts. I am sorry but we can't make love for sure.

Then why did you get married to me? You had no right to play with my life! You could have told this to me before getting married Rajeev. I would have said no to your parents. You telling me this now! What do you expect me to do?

I don't know Ananya. I am feeling guilty too. I could have told you earlier but my parents would have found another match for me if you rejected their proposal. I had to marry someone and it happened to be you. I an sorry.

Rajeev said that and left.

Ananya stood at her place dumbfounded not knowing what do to......

Conclusion: Well, so, arranged marriages have their share of risks. So, I had rather have a love marriage ;) You already know the person beforehand in a love marriage, but in an arranged marriage, the man could be a gay, impotent or in love with someone else. So, my vote goes to Love Marriage :)

This is my entry for the Indiblogger Contest, Love Marriage ya Arranged Marriage, the new TV show on Sony Entertainment Television. Know more about the show here 


  1. thought provoking.... its extremely important for a couple to court each other for a reasonably long period of time before marriage, and your post stresses that fact.

  2. Love or Arranged....whatever may be the case... Marriage is always a gamble... It depends on the luck we have.....Even sometimes love marriage doesn't work even though we know the person before....So, Everything depends on luck .... Can't assume what's going to be on future .... Anyways ...The blog was excellent....

  3. Such a sad place to be in.For no fault of hers the girl had to suffer.Marriages are made in heaven agreed but the people you get married to stay on earth and are humans.Either of the marriage, be it love or arranged is a gamble.

    Brilliantly written!

    My world, my thoughts, my musings...

  4. That was a smart post. I think nothing could beat that argument to choose love marriage ;)
    All the best :)

    you can read my take here-


  5. Risks exist in both ways... but that was a sad story.

  6. you’re a great professional for writing it, congrats.

  7. Hey,
    You have been awarded "The Versatile Blogger Award".
    Click on the link for more details.

    Take Care. :)

  8. very well written ... good one ~

  9. Loved reading it....

    Do land in my world some time... :)

  10. i could have sworn I commented here.. I read this awhile back.. anyway, loved the story and really, it was a unique way of taking part in the 'Arranged bs Love' marriage contest :D


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