Thursday, April 12, 2012

A Letter to the Telecom Operators

Dear Telecom Operators,

We know that you guys are letting us stay connected with all our friends through your awesome network and great connectivity and trust me it's not a favor. We are charged a good amount to money for this each month which we pay without much ado. Other than letting us talk to our friends, you offer us a number of Value Added Services (VAS) like Hello Tunes (Or Dialer Tones or whatever), which are also not for Free. You charge a good Rs. 30 as a monthly Rental and Rs. 15 for every song we change even though I am sure it doesn't cost you so much. So when I give a call to my friend, I am curious to know what song has he on as his Hello Tune but this is what I listen to:

Press star and 9 to copy this song. Charges Rs. 15 for song selection and Rs. 30 per month for Hello Tune.. Hello...

So, even before this irritating message is completed and I get to hear the song, my friend answers the call. Can you please tell me why is he paying you Rs. 30 per month? Is it so that we hear your never ending advertisements? Trust me, the boring trin trin is better than that lady's voice! She's so annoying!

I tell my friend I want to hear the song begging him not to answer the call. I am forced to hear the annoying message again and then the lovely song. Well, thank you for that. I appreciate that you remember playing the song after your so-important advertisement.

Ah! I can't blame you completely, can I? You do give me a free hand. Incase I do not want my callers to hear any promo, I have to make a call to you and plead for the same. Now, what do you think dude? Would there be anyone who would, in the first place, want that promo to be played? Then why play it and then remove it on request?

Recently, I've noticed something else. I have a number of my friends who are Vodafone Network users. This is what I hear when I call them:

Switch to Vodafone now and enjoy all local calls at 1 paise for 2 seconds.  Trin Trin.....

How should I tell you that I am not interested in switching to Vodafone? Is there a specific key I could press to tell you I am not, so that I don't have to hear that message again? How should I convey the message that I am happy with my current network even though it does suck sometimes? Though I am being charged some extra bucks, I still do not want to switch? May be I should send you a recorded voice because that's the language you probably understand.

We already see a lot of your advertisements on TV and we love them too. Isn't that enough? Please stop this nonsense or else I... what can I do? Other than just blogging? Ah! Never mind.

P.S: I was so annoyed with these stupid ads that I had to write this post. Besides, there was no other topic I could think of.

P.P.S: I am sorry that I am unable to read/comment on your posts. I am somehow keeping busy these days but I miss reading your posts. I will do stop by your blog this week and will leave comments too :) 


  1. long as you don't have to go through their Customer Care...THAT's the real torture!!!

    1. I still can bear the customer care as I call very less for help. And I exactly know which key to press to reach the executive.

      But hearing these messages when you calling your friend is so annoying!

  2. I was on a network that kept playing the add, then the caller tune and then announce the unreachable status in the end. That was really annoying especially when that gives the caller a faulty sense of neglect. I've dropped a few networks before I moved to the current one which is decent enough. They informs me before they make any changes and lets me customize according to my needs.

  3. Sadly we are at the mercy of these telecom operators. Tariffs are already rising and very soon cheap call rates may be history. They certainly overkill with their pesky adverts.

  4. @Nam: An easy solution to you, since you feel calling customer care is far better thn listening to this Ad, Caller tune subscriber can call customer care to remove that irritating voice before the caller tune plays...

    May a telecom company notice this letter :)

    1. I did that for my number so my callers listen to my song. Not everyone are aware about this somehow.


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