Friday, August 26, 2011

The most beautiful gift!

He realized he's in love with me on August 22, 2010. To celebrate a year of being in love, he gave me the very gift that I always wanted!

The gift which he bought for me is cream colored, has soft fur, black nose and tiny eyes! She's a month old lab! :)

When I took her in my arms, my happiness knew no bounds! She licked me wherever she could and also peed on me! Naughty girl!!! All that she does the whole day is eat, shit and sleep!

I wanted to name her Ginger but on public demand named her Dusty instead. Well, that's a sweet name too I feel. You will be hearing a lot about her as she's right now the centre of my life.

She came home of August 22, 2011 and is totally feeling at home. Her favorite place to hide is behind the TV where no one can see her. Sometimes she doesn't come out unless you bribing her with food. The moment we take her for a walk in the colony, she attends the nature's call without any delay. She's not yet choosy about food as she eats anything that we feed her. She somehow doesn't drink water much but still manages to pee multiple times a day (I don't know how?). We have one stuffed cat and one stuffed dog at home. Those are her favorite toys! She licks, bites and fights them but those lifeless animal silently bear her harassment! :P I see that she totally enjoys every bit of it.

How does it feel to have a partner whose so much into you, making sure all your wishes come true? Great, isn't it? :)


  1. how sweet..... your bf loves you a lot, glad to know that..... :-)

  2. Dusty is soooo adorable! Muahhh!

  3. Just soo cute! You are blessed with a lovely Boyfriend. Hold on to him forever!

  4. oh...sooooo cute....congrats've very caring bf.

  5. OMG, that is the most adorable puppy I've ever seen. Congrats ! I'm sure you're gonna enjoy with dusty..

  6. Dusty is soooo beautiful....i miss my dog :(


    do visit mine

  7. @Red Handed: Thanku! Yes! Forver! :)

    @Vertu: Thanks swts :) Yes! I do! :)

  8. @AAD: Thanks dear :)

    @CRD: Thank you :)

    Aww.... :(

  9. Dogs are my favorite pets too. Adorable :)


  10. Thanks for dropping in Kunal :) Yeah they are totally adorable! :)

  11. nice and hearty feelings, thanks

  12. Your pet looks adorable. Touch Wood girl :)

  13. @Sahana: :)

    @Virendra: Thanks for dropping in :)


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