Saturday, September 24, 2011

Smart Me! ;)

When we were employed in the same company, one day my hero came to me hurriedly and with a naughty smile said,

'I had been charged Rs. 100 as challan from a traffic cop since I was talking to you on phone while driving. This is the challan receipt. Pay me back Rs. 100 right now!'

I said, 'No problem sweets! I will transfer the amount to you right now. Is that okay?'

He smiled as if he achieved victory over me and left.

After sometime he came running running and showed me an SMS alert from his bank. It said, 'Rs. X has been transferred from your account to the account with number Y'. He, completely clueless about the whereabouts of the mysterious hacker, asked me if I knew anything about this. I told him I knew but only as much as he knew. He scratched his head for a while then opened his account from my system to check his account status. He found that his account had money but only 100 bucks!

He gave me a do-you-know-anything-about-this-look.

Now, it was my turn to give him a naughty smile ;)

No points for guessing what I'd actually done :P

I took a deep breath and with a complete innocent look said, 'Well, I found your behavior really rude today. It's unethical demanding money from your lady love even for the right reasons for that matter. Since you behaved inappropriately with me, I thought you deserved to be taught a lesson. So I transferred all of your funds into my account as a penalty of your rude behavior towards me. But, I being a good girl, generously transferred 100 bucks back since you had asked for it.

He was certainly not expecting anything like this and was speechless for a good few seconds. We then looked at each other and bursted out laughing.

He then said, 'It's certainly risky giving access of your bank accounts to your girl!'


  1. haha.. Nice lesson :P :P i wish i should have been a girl :) :P :P

  2. Awwwwwwww arent u both just too cute? Hahah
    watte match and watte cute incident.

  3. Lovely, you are smart and you are smarter then smart ;).

  4. LOL, that was quite smart of you. Nice post.

  5. teach him a gud lesson.

    BTW, passed along an award to you!

  6. Lol! Learnt lesson the hard way eh? Wonder what naughty tactics you have to teach him things. ROFL.
    Keep us updated. Would love to read. :) :P

  7. LOL, you are, really, one smart girl. =))

  8. LOL poor him! and smart you! some quick thinking there eh?

  9. Hmmm. Don't know what to say!! Nice post

  10. Lolz...Girls will be Girls.
    Nice post

  11. Hehehe, what a smart girl

  12. LOL...I think i hav learned a lesson here:p


  13. Ha ha. Good one. Someone is really smart here :)

  14. oh my god!!! so sweet and naughty...

  15. Very smart!!!
    Nice post.
    May be, I should never give access of my bank accounts to my girl.;)

  16. thanks a lot for the award...i am honored...
    sorry i won't be able to continue the chain due to lack of time as you know... :)
    thanks again

    P.S.: do you want to write a guest post in KHOJ? if yes, you can email me

  17. darn! i do not share my bank details or even email passwords :P

    thanks for the award i could not comment on the page though..

  18. Lol, fun post!
    Seriously, risky to let your girl know about your bank account details, haha. good post

  19. a lesson he learnt...he will never do it again....not asking money but sharing passwords...:-)
    it was funny...

  20. hey Sweety! How you doing?

    Btw My first giveaway at my blog.


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