Tuesday, December 21, 2010


I've taken my share of suffering, I've taken my share of beating. I've done my share of mistakes, I've had my share of regrets. But now it's all changed. My life's changed.

It feels good to be wanted by someone. It feels nice to know someone's with me all the time, that someone can do anything to get that smile on my face. Yes, I've compromised! Yes, I feel good for having compromised!

I donno where my life was taking me all these days. I donno where my life will take me now. All I know is I have made my decision, decision of being with the person who loves me than waiting for the one whom I love. If my decision is right, I will be happy! If it is wrong, I will work towards it to make it right!

There's nothing called love in this world. Someone very special once told me that love doesn't happen from heart. It is all in your mind. You just have to get used to the person & eventually you will fall in love. I hope it's true & it happens to me!

I donno why I've written this blog. May be writing is the best way to express what you are feeling inside.


  1. hope to see more and more writings...

  2. Hey Nammu..just stumbled up-onto your blog. Very cool indeed!

  3. its fabulous nammu ...... each and every sentence of d blog is awesome ..liked it to d core ....gr8 wrk......hope u ll keep writing many more blog in times to come.... looking forward for your next blog...gr8 wrk done ...keep it up :)

  4. Nammu darling..its superb.....

  5. i agree completly wth U.
    Ur blog was very nice


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