Tuesday, February 16, 2010


Childhood... undoubtedly the best period of ones life. No tensions, no worries, no stress. When we were kids, we din't had to please anyone or prove ourselves to anyone. We could just be ourselves and we were accepted or rather do I say we did not care if we were accepted.

Going to school dressed in our uniforms, waiting for the school bus or just walking our way to school, and yes how can I forget the assembly where we said our daily prayers, thanking God for the lovely morning. Waiting for our favorite periods and hoping our not-so-favorite periods (read teachers) to finish soon. Getting punished for not doing our homework because we were busy watching TV and hoping the teacher won't check, Getting caught eating our neighbor's box before the lunch break, feeling sleepy post lunch, waiting for the last bell, rushing back home.

It used to be so much fun. I wish I was a kid again. Hmmm can't help it though.

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